Howto setup Nextcloud

How to install Nextcloud on a Debian 10 Buster using apache2 and php7.3 read more

Howto setup pi-hole HA

How to install pi-hole in a high availability setup and integrate it with pfSense… read more

mqtt + node-red + telegram

Setting up a UPS monitor using NUT on a Raspi and mosquitto-clients - Part 2 read more

Quick tip: Older jlnp files fail to start

Make older jlnp files start again using icedtea-web on arch linux. read more

Raspberry pi + Network UPS tools + mqtt

Setting up a UPS monitor using NUT on a Raspi and mosquitto-clients - Part 1 read more

Install Arch GNU/Linux using archfi

How to install a vanilla Arch GNU/Linux using archfi and archdi script in about an hour… read more

Node-red on Debian

How to install Node-Red flows on a Debian buster installation… read more

Darktable with AMD Radeon

Enable OpenCL for AMD Radeon GPUs and validate usage in Darktable. read more

Samba4 Active Directory

Setting up a redundant AD DC with samba4 on Debian9 read more

Install own isp style root server using CentOS Web Panel

Use centos web panel to manage your root server read more

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