Philipp Häfelfinger

Philipp Häfelfinger

it’s a job

It was 1998 when my journey to become a professional software engineer started. I took my first steps with perl and continued to php and was highly interested in web stuff. But this changed soon when I discovered .net. Starting with .net 1.1, I implemented Applications with every version of .net since then. Then I changed from the web area to the fat desktop applications. I added many other things to my knowledge database (aka brain) ;-)

more than a job

In addition to my profession as a developer with focus on the Microsoft stack, I started looking at different technologies. I started with SuSE Linux, went on to Debian / Ubuntu for my servers and now using Arch on my main computers. I’m also interested in the operation parts like VM Management / Container orchestration. Finally, every system needs hardware. I also run that on my own :-)


I do not like these skill lists anymore. They do not really tell you anything about me or my knowledge nor how I work or solve problems. If you like to know what kind of developer I am, just ask and have a little chat with me. I really enjoy sharing what I learned so far and I always want to learn from others. Some of my learning’s are available here on this blog.

private life

When not working with IT stuff, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love to take photographs by just taking my camera everywhere I go. I also do photo shoots in my home studio or on location. You may find some examples at