Darktable with GPU power

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Fix uncorrectable offline sectors on zfs

How to fix a drive with errors without rebooting and recover it. read more

Linux photo management - Darktable

Leaving Lightroom - round 1! read more

Setup Foreman smartproxy

Add a smartproxy to an existing foreman / puppet setup read more

Add existing machine to puppet with foreman

How to add an installed ubuntu 16.04 to puppet and foreman read more

extend lvm volumes

How to make a lvm volume bigger without creating a new one. read more

drone.io downstream builds to trigger dependencies

Setup build dependencies to build other project when the base gets rebuilt. read more

Use logic apps to publish to twitter

Using azure and logic app to publish blog updates to twitter read more

drone.io build may fail if on same host with gogs

The story about failing builds… read more

Jekyll + Gogs + drone.io

or how to over engineer a blog ;-) read more

I'm Philipp Häfelfinger

It was 1998 when my journey to become a professional software engineer started. I am highly interested in many aspects of the information technologies. From development to devops and sysops. I like to understand systems as a whole and not just a part of it.

I am a passionate photographer as well.

Feel free to contact me at "blog<at>haefelfinger.ch" or via twitter @haefelfinger

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